I have known Joe personally for over 20 years and have seen him with his customers and I was glad to use him as our realtor. He treats each one of his customers like he would a friend or neighbor. Joe knows no stranger and makes it easy to speak with. If you don’t like something he won’t push you on buying.
Charles Perkins

Joe and Mayra (who handled our loan) were both helpful and communicative throughout the entire process, and made everything quick and easy. This was especially helpful considering we were closing on the house just as the COVID-19 lockdowns were starting. Joe was very knowledgeable, and very was able to offer a lot of insight into unusual things in houses that we viewed. This was both in regards to things possibly in need of repair and some strange modifications previous homeowners made for their own ease of use. For example, we viewed one house where the weep holes had been filled with expanding foam. Joe told us why the homeowner likely did so, why we probably should not do so, and offered some safer alternatives to accomplish the same goal.
Will Johnson

He’s very dedicated and very thorough. He is always fighting for his clients to make sure they get the best deal. You always want Joe when buying a house or selling a house Really cares abt his customers needs and works hard to find the right house. Gives more than 100%.even gave some of his commission with the sellers agent. That’s going more than the extra mile. He is the best in his business. Yo is extremely knowledgeable listens carefully to your needs, knows the area, knows how to search for the best prices in homes. Everything you need and Realtor and a friend.
Miss Sanders

I really enjoyed working with Joe. He helped work through the unique issues associated with this sale. Joe always kept me informed of showings and any comments after the showings. He had good insight into the local market and how to price the listing. As a long distance seller, Joe was great to work with.
Bill C.

Joe’s attention when dealing with locating a rental played a major role in selecting him to help with the new build.
Henry B.

I have known Joe personally for 20+ years. I chose him because of his knowledge of real estate and his integrity as a person. Joe was very patient with me. I am sure I viewed over 50 homes before I found the home I wanted to purchase. Once I moved into my new home, I made upgrades to my previous home. Joe advised me on how/what to upgrade for maximum return on my investment. All in all, I benefitted with both my sale and my purchase by having Joe on my team!
Jena Perkins

When dealing with the sale of a property, it’s extremely valuable to have someone knowledgeable in the whole process in your corner. Joe would fix/update contracts sent by the buyer’s realtor that were filled out incorrectly, even if it could benefit me as a seller, because it’s the right thing to do. He made sure I was well informed and was able to make the best decision as we progressed.
Will Perkins

This is the second time we’ve purchased a house with Joe Livingston and are using him to list our current home. He is always accessible and able to address all needs and requirements. He’s open and honest about the whole process and even gives ideas when you’re not sure what to do. He is not pushy or overbearing and walks you through the whole process to ensure you’re comfortable with each step.
Will Perkins

Joe was my friend long before he was my broker. I believe in supporting my friends’ businesses whenever I can. Joe handled the purchase of my home. He negotiated terms with the sellers on several occasions. He kept the deal flowing due to his attention to detail.
Jena Perkins

Joe took the time to listen to what we wanted for our house. He provided timely and critical information to us so we could make our best suited decision on the purchase of our home. Joe was always patient and immediately available to provide information as well as answer our many questions. We will recommend Joe to our son when he is ready to purchase his new home.
MJ and Liz Martinez

Joe went above and beyond to make sure we got the best house for us. I always got the feeling that he actually cared about what we wanted. We are first time buyers and Joe made sure to explain everything and give us advice. We were looking in several areas and Joe never hesitated to drive out wherever we wanted to look. This was a really stressful process but Joe really helped us through it and was always in communication with us. We really appreciate everything he did!
Chelsea Wagnon & Ben Dehnel

Joe Livingston is an excellent agent. We are new to the Arlington area and he answered all our questions about the area. He picked us up at the hotel we were staying at and drove us to all the houses we were interested in. He e-mailed houses that we might be interested in viewing. We told Joe all the features we were looking for in a house. When he e-mailed houses that we might want to view they included all the desired features. Looking at houses with Joe was a pleasant experience for Jerry and me. Thank you!
Jerry & Joan Klimek

Joe did a great Job and looking forward to using Joe in the future.
Sarah Conner

Joe Livingston has proven thru results why he will be my home broker for years to come. I always recommend him to friends and family who are looking to sell, buy, rent or just looking. Experience and Speed of the sale is what I look for in a broker and he has maintain that excellence in 3 home sales and 13 years in working with Joe.
Robert Conner

Awesome person! Cares about his clients and go above and beyond for them. I recommend them to all my friends and family. Thanks Joe.
Mark Yancey

Joe is the greatest realtor I’ve ever met. His caring, patient, and knowledgeable demeanor was a god send. I have bought and sold 3 homes with his help and will go back to him every time. He doesn’t just care about making the sale, he truly cares about his clients and their happiness/satisfaction. He has always gone above and beyond to make sure I was informed, supported, and comfortable in all aspects of the process. I will recommend him to everyone I know!
Lacey C.

Good Job
Frank Green

Joe Livingston is a great realtor! The process of selling our home was stress free. Joe communicated with us every step of the way! Anyone that wants to sell a home and wants to work with a patient realtor should definitely give Joe a call!
LaConti S. Bryant

I was trying to find a home for me and my wife, but we got divorced so I just had Joe help me sell my place while I moved into an apartment. The divorce delayed things, but Joe was patient with me and very helpful and gave me good advice on what to do with my place.

The main things I appreciated were that Joe was always there, always reachable, always friendly, and always polite. He has the ability to connect with people which makes him great for real estate. He was always making us aware of things we needed to be looking for (foundation issues, water heater issues, etc.) and he went out of his way to show us as many houses as possible. During the walkthroughs, he would point out things that I would miss about a house, give me real feedback, and he always put us first; even before his own commission. Thank you for helping us through this process Joe!
Tyler Thurston

Joe was easily accessible and helpful through out the entire process. Especially, since we are living out of state and our property is in Texas. Thanks Joe.
Z. Samlall

He helped in ways I didn’t even think about. And did a great job.
George Keen

Thank you Joe For your time and help ! Never experience a buy like this ! I wish car buying would be that easy!
Peter / Joanna Ellis

I was a remote seller who lives in Florida with the property in Texas. Joe stayed in communication with me to make sure I was aware of everything going on. He walked me through the process and went over and beyond to make sure the sale and closing went smoothly.
Jessica Sturm

Joe worked hard and got the job done. Had an awesome working understanding of the market around us and priced the house right. Joe was caring and showed compassion for our needs. Joe had great skill in this business and was very impressed with him. Century 21 judge fite has an asset when it comes to Joe and needs to hang on to him. Thanks Joe for all you did.
Mark and Lana Yancey

As young, first-time home buyers, Joe made a world of difference to us. He guided us through the process, answering any questions we had along the way and taking the time to explain things that he thought we should know as buyers. We could call or email any time of day (or night!) and he would always get right back with us with an answer. Joe helped to make what could have been a very stressful and daunting task, an enlightening and pleasant experience.
Kim and Cody Cathey

Joe Livingston was wonderful…. helped us all the way through to closing and than with electric and so much more … we look forward in a couple years for Joe to be our real estate agent again 🙂 If your looking for a someone to help you pick a good house and not lie to you just make a sale than Joe Livingston is the best person … he walks through each house and will make sure to the best of his knowledge your not getting a lemon … hes very trustworthy and helped us with finding a house , insurance, electric and making sure we got the best of everything…. we look forward to do business again and we would highly recommend Joe Livingston to everyone! 🙂
John and Pamela

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